Audio and Production Services

High Ridge Studio provides a full range of professional audio and production services.

Our basic rate is only $45.00 an hour for the Studio & Engineer


You may find in trying to complete your project by yourself you need help. A little expert technical or creative advice on any of the thousands of issues that can arise during any stage of the process. It’s easy to think you can do it all today with the availability of easy to use software and plugins. The idea never occurs to most people that it may not be a good idea to do it all yourself. That’s where High Ridge Studio comes into the picture. We’ll take the guess work out of it for you.

With any record or demo project, Pre Production and Production are key elements in the determining the success of your project. We draw on experience and current trends to help you make an informed decision including those musicians and other Industry professionals who have a proven track record.

In the Recording process we choose the right microphones and placement, preamps, eq, and compressors for the sound you are looking for to inspire your best performance. In the Editing part of your project, our experience will help to polish that performance for a radio ready sound.

When it’s time to Mix, our experience with everything from Music Publishers to Major Record Labels is on the table and at your disposal. Now is not the time to cut corners. A great mix can be achieved in a few hours in some cases. Some of the biggest hits you hear on the radio could have taken up to a week or more! It all depends on what you want for your project and your budget.

Mastering is a continuation of the Mixing process and the final step before your project is ready for the rest of the world to hear. By adding Eq, Compression, and overall level adjustments to you finished mix, Mastering will help give it that “finished” sound and keep it compatible with the formats and streaming services you choose to release it to.

Already finished your project and just want a second opinion before moving forward? We can provide you with a Consultation that is an objective not subjective opinion of your work. Only commenting on what you ask us to focus on.

In any of the Services High Ridge Studio offers, If we don’t have the answer to your question, we will reach out to someone who does.