Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring An Audio Engineer

Author: High Ridge Studio | | Categories: Music Producer , Recording Engineer , Sound Production

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An audio engineer, also known as sound or recording engineer, produces recordings, live performances, balances and adjusts sound sources, using equalization and audio effects, mixers, reproducing and reinforcing sound. Audio engineers work on the technical aspects of recording, which include the proper placement of microphones, pre-amp knobs, and setting the right levels.

Audio engineers also set up soundchecks for live sound mixing using a mixing console and a sound reinforcement system for music concerts, theatre, sports games, and corporate events. When it comes to digitally produced sound, they work in sound production for film, radio, television, music, and video games.

There are many audio engineers out there, and finding the right one might be a challenge. We thought we would assist with the approach, so here are a few pointers to keep your eyes open for, when looking for the right one.

1. Check out their personality

When I’m looking to hire someone for a job in the music industry, the first thing I take notice of is their personality. Are they outgoing or quiet and reserved? Do they smile? Can they carry on a conversation with me, or do they need to do all the talking? I need to know whether or not that person is going to be comfortable around my clients or make them feel uncomfortable. These are all relevant when dealing with an audio engineer since you are going to be spending some time working with them, and that should be comfortable.

2. Passion for the work that they do

Passion! I need to feel that the individual I’m considering for the job is passionate about their career or craft. To me, there is nothing worse than having an individual on a recording session who is just “phoning it in” and not invested in the entire process. If you’re only in it for the money, Please don’t waste my clients’ time or mine.

3. Professionalism when dealing with work 

Do they show up to the gig early or just on time? Are they prepared? Did they bring all the instruments necessary to meet the clients’ needs for the session? When someone hires you as a “guitar player” on a recording date, the last thing you want to hear is, “I wish I had brought my other guitar it would have been perfect for this part”. Clients pay a lot of money for professional musicians’ services. Their project shouldn’t suffer because someone forgot to bring the best tool for the job.

4. How well they perform should always play an important role

Performance, past and present. How does the prospective employee perform? Do they have a track record, and is it great, mediocre, or lackluster? When hiring a musician, engineer, or anybody else for that matter. Do your research! Ask others who may have worked with that person before. Go to your online sources and research their professional history. Do not always take the word of “a friend of a friend of someone else’s friend”.

5. The experiences that they gathered over the years

Does this individual have the necessary skills, talent, and experience to meet my needs? I’m purposely excluding savants from this category. In my opinion, there is no substitute for experience. The person you are considering may have some natural skill and talent for the gig, but how long have they been practicing it? Education is great to get your foot in the door, but it does not mean you know everything. No one does. If that individual has the talent and skill, they will be able to gain experience. A wise candidate will not profess to be the “best” if they are starting.

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